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The Shrine, “Our Lady of Kibeho”: her actual life and perspectives for the future


February 2014


In the course of the development of the Shrine, “Our Lady of Kibeho”, some infrastructures and necessary services are coming up for the betterment of the life at the shrine and for the wellbeing of the local people and of the pilgrims who come in increasing number to encounter with the message of Our Lady of Kibeho.


I. Services of the religious communities to the shrine


With the official approval of the apparitions of Kibeho, a good number of religious communities felt the call to bring to completion the message of Our Lady of Kibeho through their respective works and charismas:


  1. Society of the Catholic Apostolate (Pallottine Fathers and brothers): In charge of the Shrine, “Our Lady of Kibeho”, since August 31st, 2003.
  2. Marian Fathers at Nyarushishi, In charge of the Marian Formation Centre since 2004.
  3. Benebikira Sisters at Kibeho since 1953. In charge of the Mother of the Word Secondary School, since 1968, and for the guest house “Regina Pacis” since 2007.
  4. Disciple Sisters of Jesus Present in the Eucharist: In charge of the kindergarten and a skill training sewing centre for the orphan girls, in Kibeho since 2007.
  5. Missionary Sisters of the Catholic Apostolate (Pallottine Sisters): In charge of the Kibeho Health Centre since 2007.
  6. Franciscan Sisters Servants of the Cross: In charge of the Training and Education Centre for the Blind Children since 2007.
  7. Abahire ba Nyinawa Jambo Sisters, since 2009.
  8. Indaboza Mariya, since 2010.
  9. Bizeramariya Sisters (project under examination).
  10. Poor Clare Sisters (project under examination).
  11. Family of Servants of Mary and of the Heart of Jesus (project under examination).


II. Infrastructures and pastoral, spiritual and socio-charitable services at the shrine


A) Realizations about the spreading of the message of Kibeho


  1. Updating and expounding the annual program of services at the shrine and its proposal to the Church (project in course of realization).
  2. Creation of an office of research and historical records over the apparitions and the shrine (project in course of realization).
  3. Edition of images, leaflets, prayers, books, albums, photos, movies, etc. about the apparitions and the messages of Kibeho in different languages (Project in course of realization).
  4. Preparation of spiritual talks, conferences and programs for Radio and TV in different languages (Project in course of realization).
  5. Collaboration with Radio Maria Rwanda (Project in course of realization).
  6. Setting the official website of Kibeho www.kibeho-sanctuary.com in different languages. (Project completed).


B) The shrine’s own services and infrastructures:


  1. Renovation and decoration of the Chapel “Our Lady of Sorrows” (project in course of realization).
  2. Reconstruction of the way of the Rosary of Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary, which leads from the well-spring to the Chapel “Our Lady of Sorrows” (Project in course of realization).
  3. Reconstruction of the way of the Holy Rosary, which goes down to the Source of the Virgin Mary (Project in course of realization).
  4. Establishing a wider esplanade of the Shrine, with a large Statute of the Virgin Mary of Kibeho, a tower of seven bells, a fence to safeguard the boundaries of the shrine. (Project in course of realization).
  5. Construction of a shed in the campsite area to shelter pilgrims during the night (Project in course of realization).
  6. Construction of a toilet block (modern) with a septic tank (Project in course of realization).
  7. Construction of annexed sacristy aside the podium for the use in open air liturgy. (Project in course of realization).
  8. Construction of the Sanctuary Reception Office (Project in course of realization).
  9. Construction of a Chapel of Reconciliation and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (project under examination).
  10. Construction of a building for the administration offices of the shrine, a bookshop, a shop of objects of piety and a studio of Radio Maria (project under examination).
  11. Construction of the accommodation rooms for pilgrims with an income generating aim for the shrine (project under examination)
  12. Construction of a Multipurpose Hall.
  13. Construction of an amphitheatre for big gatherings of pilgrims (project under examination).
  14. Construction of a big church dedicated to Our Lady Mother of the Word, like a Minor Basilica (project under examination).
  15. Construction of a wider parking at the shrine for vehicles of pilgrims and visitors (project under examination).


C) Infrastructures and socio-charitable services of the shrine:


The Virgin Mary appeared in one of the poorest regions of Rwanda where people experienced war and genocide; where there are still electricity and network problems; where we find many orphans, widows, and traumatized people. The Virgin Mary invites us to have compassion for these poor people who form part of the group of her children at Kibeho and of pilgrims who travel there. That is why we have initiated different projects to set up infrastructures and various socio-charitable services:


  1. “Adoption of heart”: Assistance to 400 orphans in the parish of Kibeho (Project in course of realization).
  2. Foundation of a training and education centre for the blind children (Project in course of realization).
  3. Reconstruction of a Health Centre which will serve the local population as well as pilgrims and visitors of Kibeho (Project in course of realization).


III. Projects already achieved


Thanks to the heavenly blessings and to an effective collaboration with pastors, various organizations, agencies, benefactors and friends of Kibeho, within Rwanda and abroad. With their support we have been able to make a number of projects in Kibeho to become a reality:


  1. Construction of the Chapel, “Our Lady of Sorrows” (Diocese of Gikongoro), inaugurated on May 31st, 2003.
  2. Cultivation of potatoes for the widows of Kibeho.
  3. Putting sign posts on the three roads leading to Kibeho, finished in 2006.
  4. Partial renovation of the "dormitory of the apparitions" into: the Chapel of the apparitions, a conference room, an office and a store, finished in 2007.
  5. Edition of books, pamphlets, leaflets, images, etc. in different languages (Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Kiswahili, Luganda, French, English, Italian, Polish, German, Spanish, Portuguese), finished in 2007.
  6. Supplying clean water (26 km pipes), inaugurated on December 7th, 2007.
  7. Realization of a documentary film about the apparitions of Kibeho entitled "Kibeho", in collaboration with "Help for Church in Distress", available in Kinyarwanda, French, English, Polish.
  8. Reconstruction of Kibeho primary school, now “Groupe Scolaire St. Paul of Kibeho”, inaugurated on March 28th, 2008.
  9. Installation of the electricity at the shrine of Kibeho (photovoltaic solar panels, generator and spotlights).
  10. Renovation and decoration of the Chapel, “Our Lady of Sorrows” (project in course of realisation).
  11. Improvement and furnishing (furniture and liturgical vessels and vestments) of the sacristy of the shrine, finished in 2009.
  12. Expounding of the Apparition Square, finished in 2009.
  13. Construction of a small campsite, sanitary facilities and parking lots for visitors and pilgrims.
  14. Construction of a house for Nathalie, one of the three visionaries of Kibeho living there, inaugurated September 27th, 2009.
  15. Construction of a kindergarten (Disciple Sisters of Jesus Present in the Eucharist), inaugurated on March 21st, 2009.
  16. Construction of a skill training centre for tailoring for the orphan girls (Disciple Sisters of Jesus Present in the Eucharist), inaugurated on March 21st, 2009.
  17. Foundation of a Training and Education Centre for blind children (Franciscan Sisters Servants of the Cross), inaugurated on September 28th, 2009.
  18. Resetting of the path of processions, finished in 2010.
  19. Works of extension of the Church, “Our Lady of Sorrows”.
  20. Works on a part of the forest in the “Garden of the Virgin Mary”, finished in 2011.
  21. Reconstruction of a podium for the liturgical celebrations held outside finished in 2012.
  22. Installing the PA for huge assemblies of the pilgrims, finished in 2012.
  23. Reconstruction of the way of the cross on mount “Calvary” finished in 2012.
  24. Partial improvement of the esplanade of the shrine, finished in 2013.


We firmly believe that the projects we undertake as part of the Shrine, “Our Lady of Kibeho”, are an expression of divine blessings which we can receive all through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Word. Each one of us is invited to offer one’s contribution through prayers, suggestions, spiritual and material support, so that Kibeho can really become a place of graces, conversions and reconciliation as wished by the Mother of the Word.


Fr Zbigniew Pawlowski, SAC

Rector of the Shrine


Done at Kibeho, February 22nd, 2014